Episode three is nearly here and I can’t wait for you to see the recipes I’ve put together for you!

Coconut Ice Cupcakes
Coconut Ice is such an Australian fete, fair and childhood birthday party staple so it’s no wonder my Mum’s coconut ice cake was so famous with her friends and also us kids. On this episode of Summer Baking Secrets, watch as I transform this family favourite into some dainty cupcakes that would just be perfect for your next fete, birthday or High Tea! They also cook much quicker and that’s the whole joy of Easy Summer Baking!

Gluten free carrot and zucchini carrot cakes
I am not a fan of many gluten-free products, so I was determined to cook something light, moist and delicious while still being gluten-free. There are increasing number of people diagnosed as being coeliacs or even gluten intolerant, so I’ve come up with a sweet treat that is healthy to boot. Incorporating carrot and zucchini, this cake is just packed with fibre, vitamins and minerals and is the perfect solution for children who hate eating vegetables! Moreover, it is a lovely tender cake which everyone can enjoy.

Honey macadamia wafers
Summer for me is all about summer fruit (and good tomatoes!) So I’m celebrating summer with one of my absolute favourite fruits, the mango. With its sweet and juicy irresistible flesh, it’s unsurprising that mangoes are affectionately referred to as the King of Fruits in some parts of South Asia. For this recipe I’m caramelising these mangoes in a spiced citrus syrup and then topping them with my stunning honey macadamia wafers and a scoop of vanilla ice-cream.  The wafers are literally that, the mixture is thinly spread on top of Glad baking paper, sprinkled with chocolate and macadamias (another great Australian product!) and baked until crisp. Cool and just break up with your fingers.

Spicy lamb sausage rolls
Any caterer knows that sausage rolls are a popular menu item for parties for children and adults alike. I’ve taken the humble sausage roll and given it a gourmet makeover by using lamb and spices in butter puff pastry. Make them small or large depending if you want them to be a canapé or something more substantial. A really great tip, one of my “Baking Secrets” is to put the mince mixture in a large Glad Snap Lock bag so you can pipe it down the middle of the pastry strips. It ensures uniformity and keeps your hands clean! Then instead of the usual tomato sauce I prefer good tomato chutney with mint.

I hope you’ll enjoy my “secrets” and  tips that I’ve packed into this episode from  easy freezing to how to decorate desserts. One of my favourite tricks to decorate sweets in a really easy way (but which looks impressive!) is by drizzling dark chocolate over slices, cakes, meringues and much more! The best way to do this is to pop some broken up squares of your favourite eating quality chocolate into a Glad snap lock bag, seal and immerse in boiling water to melt the chocolate (which also helps save on the washing up!). Then snip a small corner off the side of the snap lock bag and drizzle away. High impress, low stress – my favourite.

I do hope you enjoy this episode of Summer Baking Secrets!



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