I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. It is four years since I spent Christmas Eve evening in hospital as a birth partner for my daughter along with her husband. My grand daughter, Isabel Natasha was born at 4.53am London time so a very special Christmas gift for our family.

But now you Christmas is over and you have a fridge full of left-overs. Fear not, there are so many options and I’m here to help.

So here are 13 off the top of my head and a link to some recipes

Start by turning any left-over wine into sangria!

Fried rice – use turkey and ham

Turkey Salad with Ginger & Lime Mayo


Ham and cheese croissants

Spaghetti carbonara

Croque Monsieur

Turkey Quesadillas


Turkey Curry

Turkey and ham lasagna

Chef’s salad or Caesar salad with turkey and/or ham


Ham or Turkey Croquettes


Picnic loaf – hollowed out bread filled with ham/turkey, roasted red capsicum, rocket, avocado, red onion etc and weighted down in picnic basket/esky. Just adapt this recipe for Muffaletta

Spanish Omelette


Stuffed mushrooms

Turkey and ham patties

                                        More ideas for turkey left-overs here