A New (Financial) Year



I’d love to think a warm welcome, but it’s pretty cold outside where I am but wherever you are snuggle up, pour yourself whatever you prefer to to drink and take some time to hopefully find something warm and welcoming in this newsletter.

Sadly last night with the manager of our Flame Studio Sydney (soon to be renamed Sydney Studio Kitchen) I cooked a Flame’s Final Fling dinner for our amazing Australian staff, some of whom left yesterday. It is the end of an era. John and I felt our colleagues were like family and I am sad to see them go. However, it is all part of the inevitable farewell process.

I’m not entirely sure I’ll get a newsletter out next week as I am going to Singapore on Wednesday to spend a week or so with my daughter and family. How lucky we are to travel again. Speaking of travel, if you do want to come with me to South Australia, you need to book by next Tuesday 5th at the very, very latest.

My very honest interview finally came out this week In Woman’s Day. For those of you who can’t get hold of a copy, you can read it online here, along with my recipe for an incredibly simple sponge cake. My review of the recently reintroduced dinner offering at  Kitchen By Mike can also be read here.

Also a couple of weeks ago I posted a photo of me filming with ABC Landline for a segment about the contribution to education by the Royal Agricultural Society of NSW on its Bicentenary. This segment will air Sunday, 3 July at 12:30 pm on ABC Landline and will also be available on ABC iview shortly afterwards. I am also MCing the actual celebration next tuesday night.

I couldn’t resist sharing this photo from the birthday celebrations in Mudgee last weekend. The theme was 60s or 70s and my friends and I took it very seriously, as you can see. We searched all the cheap shops to get blue eyeshadow to ensure our look was authentic!

May the year ahead bring you greater financial security and joy in travel, food and wine – Lyndey x

L to R Stephanie Toole from Mount Horrocks Wines, Suzanne Halliday  and me on recent trip to Mudgee – a retro-themed birthday party.

Recipes of the week



This stunning recipe is deceptively simple as it uses torn lasagne sheets to mimic handmade rag pasta.

This is a wonderful recipe given to me by my friend Maggie Beer when shooting my Taste of Australia TV series.

In the kitchen with Lyndey


I’m sharing my Spiced Orange Cakes from My Baking Secrets TV series.  Click the video above to watch me make it, or CLICK HERE for the written recipe.

If you enjoy my video, subscribe to my YouTube channel HERE for lots more!

Cauliflower comes in different colours and sizes.


Cauliflower is an excellent source of dietary fibre, vitamin K (which contributes to normal bone structure) vitamin C (100g supplies over a full day’s requirement) and folate too, so it’s a real superfood.

It is in its peak season right now and is highly adaptable; delicious roasted, braised, fried, mashed, microwaved and steamed. It can also be eaten raw in salads and slaws.

 There are now small coloured cauliflower available and also Fioretti or cauliflower blossom, which has crunchy long stems and tiny white edible florets that have a delicate cauliflower flavour. Rapidly cook Fioretto to retain its colour and crunch. Use it in any recipe as an alternative to broccolini which may be hard to get or expensive at the moment.


Choose bright white to creamy white cauliflower with firm, tight florets and fresh-looking leaves attached to the stem base. Avoid cauliflower with a yellow tinge, which indicates over-maturity.


Store unwashed in a plastic bag in the refrigerator crisper.


Cauliflower really can act like rice, complementing and retaining the flavours of silky pasta sauces and fragrant curries. Grated it also resembles rice.

The average recommended serving of cooked white, brown or black rice is just ½ cup which is around 678 kilojoules. Alternatively, you can enjoy a more filling and satisfying 1 cup serving of cauliflower rice under 600 kilojoules, with double the health benefits.

Lamb in Fresh Vine Leaves With Warm Cauliflower Salad
Crisp Cantonese Pork and Scallops With Cauliflower Puree
For something different try my Cauliflower Fritters

Things to read, share and experience

– READ –
Further to my recommendations last time for substituting fruit & veg during shortages and price hikes, here is an excellent piece from Australian Farmers explaining what has happened with lettuces and why: Behind the scenes of the humble iceberg lettuce.And, while we’re at it here are some Cheaper seafood swaps from Sydney Fish Market.
– TO TRY –
Sydney Seafood School has shared
3 Aussie seafood species to boost your immune system


Broadsheet has published Sydney’s Best Restaurant Openings of 2022 (so far) while Good Food declares Sydney’s most exciting restaurant openings of the year so far and here’s Sydney’s 2022 half-year dining report card.

Read Good Food’s Victoria’s 2022 half-year dining report card and Melbourne’s most exciting restaurant openings (plus a few coming soon).
Fireside Yarra Valley Festival makes the most of the season for 16 days focussing on the region’s finest culinary experiences, including winemaker dinners, fireside brunches, long lunches and a twilight winter market. More HERE.
– UK –
I really enjoyed a Leith’s School of Food and Wine matching session in London a few years ago. Now they are offering 20% off selected Homecook and Professional Courses during July and August. Details HERE. They also offer online courses which include one-on-one mentoring.

Food tours coming up…


 16 – 21 August 2022
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Drawing on my decades of experience exploring Australia’s unique food and flavours, I’ve called on friends old and new to help me create this one-of-a-kind adventure full of incredible food and wine, cultural experiences and special insights into South Australia’s most outstanding producers.BOOKINGS CLOSE Tuesday 5th of July – don’t miss out!
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This authentic tour will give you access to the best gastronomic experiences that Morocco has to offer.

Join me for an unforgettable week discovering this unspoilt, hidden gem of Italy. Only a couple of spots left!