Project Description

In addition to the hugely successful television series Lyndey & Blair’s Taste of Greece, comes the accompanying book, which follows mother and son as they explore the beautiful cuisine and culture of Greece’s historic and picturesque Peloponnese.

Stunning photography, amusing anecdotes and authentic yet fresh recipes abound as chapter by chapter the regions of Greece’s historic heart are uncovered.

Learn how to recreate favourites from the television series including the traditional fisherman’s soup Kakavia, mezedes old and new, crisp-skinned whole loin of pork and the secret to truly tender octopus. Blair’s cocktails including Blood of Hercules feature as do the traditions and recipes of Greek Easter. The whole spectrum of Greek cuisine is covered in additional recipes like Bandit’s Lamb and Goat with Eggplant, both time-honoured favourites. An array of salads shows there is more than the much-loved traditional Greek salad to enjoy. Seafood abounds with squid in myriad guises and simple, fast fish dishes. There’s something for everyone with country style macaroni pie and recipes where fennel, artichokes, broad beans, pumpkin, zucchini and okra play a starring role. Sweet treats include a more-ish Cheesecake with muscatels and a clever frozen ouzo frappe as well as traditional favourites rozedes, diples and Greek shortbread.

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