Not long to go!! Who wants to come and visit me at the show? I have some free tickets to give away. I’m demonstrating some great recipes, French Savoury Loaf and Chocolate, Pretzel, Marshmallow Slice which I call my “train wreck” slice. It’s so easy you just throw everything on and bake it. I’m at the Delicious Kitchen by Kitchenaid on the Friday at 12:45pm, Saturday at 11:45pm & also the Sunday at 3:45pm. Make sure you come over to see some of my baking secrets!

Not only that, I will be selling my new Baking Range at the show. So you can get your hands on it and be your own home cook hero! Come visit me and my team at stand A42!

Silicone range

Forget the silicon of years gone by. This range is high grade Silicone which is sturdy yet very flexible and highly durable. Fridge, freezer, oven and dishwasher safe, it can be used from 0’C to 230’C.  The striking hot pink handles don’t only provide a bright note, they have clever slots in the underside to allow the heat to dissipate faster, lowering hand burn risk. Silicon also cools faster than tin bakeware and never needs to be greased. Everything turns out beautifully and the silicon can be popped straight in the dishwasher.

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Tinware range

I’ve never understood why baking tinware had to be such an unattractive colour – quite, well, “tin-like” really. I wanted something more appealing, yet individual and so we came up with the beautiful cream colour. So elegant and stylish, yet so affordable. And unique.

The tinware is durable with a dual layer of non-stick coating – 1st layer is a ceramic style paint that is sprayed on then left to dry and then 2nd layer of clear coating is applied and heat treated. This is both inside and out and increases the durability and scratch resistance. The products are oven safe to 270’ C and, best of all for busy bakers, dishwasher safe.


All pieces have eco friendly and sustainably sourced bamboo handles with attractive dark grey silicone heads to match the silicon bakeware. They are dishwasher safe and the silicone is non-stick and non-scratch.


The food storage containers are BPA free food safe and use a double expulsion technology to remove and lock out excess air. Firstly the silicone seal expels air and then by pushing down the hot pink silicone button, a double seal is created and food stays fresher longer. The canisters all stack and are dishwasher, fridge and freezer safe.
Win tickets to the show
Now for your chance to win tickets to the show… the top FOUR people to share my blog about Cake, Bake & Sweets on facebook to the most people – – by 4pm tomorrow Thursday, will win TWO tickets each, so you can take a friend. It’s easy to do as we can issue you a code to get the free tickets online.  That’s $68 value. Make sure you come and see me and say Hi. Sweet days ahead.