Exciting Times


With my lovely friends Annette and Bill Blinco who took me to Grease

How is your world? Mine is spinning – and not just because I had blast seeing the Grease The Musical last week. Talk about a trip down memory lane! Dear friends took me as my special birthday present from last year. I am sure Olivia Newton John and Bert Newton would have been beaming from on high as the girl playing Sandy had been watching the film since childhood and did a wonderful job, as did Patti Newton having a ball as a Rydell High teacher. The late Bert Newton was in the last production a number of years ago.

Last week we also announced the latest winner from Charles Sturt University of the Blair Milan Memorial Fund, a wonderful enthusiastic and motivated young woman, Charlotte Lyons. This week we also chose our latest mentees for my female chef mentoring programme, Tasting Success and are busily liaising with suitable mentors.

I also had my final sitting for a portrait in the Archibald Prize. It’s pretty exciting and artist Phillip Schulz has done a great job. Without revealing too much, there are two of us in it, the other being my fellow  Leukaemia Foundation ambassador Matthew Doyle. We find out if it has made the cut to be hung on 30 May with results on 7 June. Fingers crossed and let’s hope it helps raise the profile of this marvellous charity.

Time is against me again with a weekend away now and my departing to host my tours to Morocco and Puglia, as well as seeing my daughter and family in Singapore next week.  I hope you enjoy what follows. My newsletters will be sporadic with all my travels but I will still send some so keep an eye out.

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Keep cooking and you’ll keep smiling– Lyndey x

Recipes of the week

It is fine to use frozen broad beans for this recipe
Pink Lady is certainly my favourite apple and amazing in this cake

In the Kitchen with Lyndey


Make the most of figs while they are in season

This is such a quick, easy but somewhat luxe salad. Just click on the arrow or here and it will take you through to YouTube to view it.

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Wine Review

I was pleased to receive two new wines from the Los Hermanos range from Crittenden Estate recently. I have long been a fan of the pioneering of Italian grape varietals in Australia by patriarch Gary Crittenden. Son Rollo is in charge now, along with daughter Zoe who runs the cellar door. They are also into Spanish varietals and I love the different flavours in these wines. I opened them at a dinner party last week and my guests, all foodies, were impressed.

Los Hermanos means the siblings, so an appropriate name acknowledging Rollo and Zoe’s ongoing contribution.

2023 Los Hermanos Saludos $26 is a delightful white wine with a delicious floral nose with attractive characters of sea spray and oyster shell. A fruity palate with some light spritz from a little bit of retained CO2.
Drink with: Think salty morsels; pintxos, battered oysters, salt cod croquettes, cider glazed chorizo.
Drink now! Will age well but will lose its appealing spritzig over time. $26

2022 Los Hermanos Tempranillo  $30 really appeals to me as I no longer enjoy big, rich, heavy red wines.  Rather, this is medium-bodied.wine. savoury and dry though still with hints of blackberries and dark chocolate.
Drink with: Beef burritos/tacos, lasagna, cajun barbecued chicken, lamb tagine.
Best enjoyed young and fresh but will drink well over 5 years. $30
No animal products were used in the making of this wine
Buy them both here

Food Choices for Health

What do your children or grandchildren have in their lunchboxes?

Do these statistics about children’s health in Australia strike a chord with you?

  • 44% of Australian children are currently living with one or more chronic health conditions.
  • 1 in 4 are overweight or obese.
  • 32% of primary-aged children report symptoms of anxiety.
  • Adult-onset conditions like type 2 diabetes now affect Australian children. 

These numbers are undeniably concerning. Food plays a crucial role in well-being, yet unfortunately, it’s a major contributor to these statistics. This was the topic of the chosen beneficiary at the recent Charity Brunch at the Sydney Royal Easter Show. As you might imagine, I was shocked. Since then I have had long conversations with the incredible founder, Belinda Smith. I asked her to share some info0rmation with me for this newsletter as I think it is something which concerns us all.

A recent analysis by The Root Cause of over 24,000 school lunchboxes from 109 schools since 2019 reveals that the typical Australian primary school lunchbox looks like the illustration above.

“The latest scientific research highlights the detrimental impact of the standard Western diet on our mental and physical health. A 2024 Systematic Review revealed that increased exposure to ultra-processed foods is linked to higher risks of adverse health outcomes, including cardiometabolic issues, mental health disorders, and mortality.
An ultra-processed food is a food that’s made in a factory, contains 6 or more ingredients, some of which you would never be able to have in your home pantry and comes in some sort of packaging. The packaging will often make some sort of health claim, such as 25% less sugar, high in fibre, fat free and the like. These are the foods that are dominating our children’s lunchboxes. This means our children are consuming foods daily that science has linked to poor health outcomes.

But it’s not all doom and gloom. The human body has remarkable resilience, and the latest science also shows by incorporating more food grown in nature and reducing ultra-processed consumption, health improvements can occur within weeks.
At The Root Cause, we’ve been standing for children’s health for over a decade, empowering over 65,000 children from 280 schools across Australia. While we’re proud of our achievements, the scale of the children’s health crisis demands more action.
We need your support. Will you stand with us for children’s health? Here’s how you can help:

  1. Educate yourself: Increase your understanding of the issue to raise awareness. Consider purchasing a copy of my book, “The Lunchbox Effect,” which delves into children’s health in Australia and the crucial role of school lunches in public health debates. Grab a hard copy or digital copy.
  2. Engage your child’s school: Introduce our schools partnership program, “Making Friends with Food by The Root Cause™,” to your child’s school. Learn more about the partnership here.
  3. Spread the word: If you know someone influential who can help raise awareness, please connect us.
  4. Follow our work: want inspiration, motivation and to keep abreast of what we are up to, follow us on Facebook or Instagram, or join my Packed with Heart Newsletter Community for fortnightly updates.” Belinda Smith.

Let’s all do what we can to help?