Greetings from Singapore

I may be in Singapore (and loving the heat and, so far, not much  rain) but I only got here Wednesday night,  so there’ll be more to tell next week when I hope to get another newsletter out. I know I wasn’t sure about this week but there were things I wanted to share.

I got to the airport in Sydney, as advised, three hours before my flight and there were long queues but everyone was calm. However, in Singapore I had to queue for over an hour to get through immigration, although the paperwork required was minimal compared to last time. Still I got here and am taking it easy with my daughter and family. 

Most exciting last week was the Bicentenary of The Royal Agricultural Society of NSW (RAS) which I was honoured to MC on Tuesday 5 July. The RAS has been an influential force in the direction and development of Australian agriculture through competitions, education and events since its foundation in 1822. I was the third woman on Council in 1996 and  the first female Vice President (though my 6-year term ended a few years ago).  The official Bicentenary commemoration was held at Sydney Showground with the Governor enthusiastically in attendance along with 400 of the RAS family – members (especially longtime), staff, Council, supporters, volunteers and friends.  With wonderful Sydney Royal award-winning produce great entertainment, reminiscences and fun we celebrated the history and milestones of the people of NSW who affectionately embrace the RAS and the Sydney Royal Easter Show.? 

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Please eat and drink well, travel with your tastebuds if not in person, and be happy and healthy – Lyndey x

L: with my daughter Lucy and husband Toby in Singapore and R: Neville Russell on the RAS Council since 1980 shares his memories at the Bicentennial Event

Recipes of the week

I love Asian-style omelettes as well as French. Here’s a perfect weekend brunch idea
It was World Chocolate Day this week, so in case you missed it on social media here is the easiest chocolate cake ever

In the kitchen with Lyndey


If you know how to make a basic Risotto Bianco (white) you can then make any risotto you like.  Click the video above to watch me make it, or CLICK HERE for the written recipe.

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Fennel the vegetable is from the same family as the herb and seed of the same name. It can also be called Florence fennel, finocchio (in Italian), or sweet fennel. It is very popular in Italian cookery, and has a bulb-like shape that looks a little like heavy-bottomed celery. The bulb, which is pale in colour, is topped by green stems and fronds. Both the bulb and fronds can be eaten

Raw, the texture is crisp and It has a distinctive aniseed flavour. Cooked, it’s softer and more mellow.
All year round, but at its best in winter and early spring

Choose smaller, young bulbs, as they’re more tender. They should look white, with no blemishes, and feel heavy for their size. The feathery green tops should be fresh and bright, with no yellowing.

Wash, then trim off the green tops (reserve to use as a garnish). Slice off the shoots and root and peel off the tougher outer layer only if the bulb is large. To cook it whole, cut out the tough central core from the bottom, leaving a cone-shaped cavity, or slice if you prefer. Alternatively, cut into quarters and remove only some of the core from each so the quarters won’t fall apart.

Cut into very thin slices for salads (a mandolin or slicer is best).
Boil or steam (up to 20 mins for a whole head, or up to 12 mins for wedges).
Roast (40-50 mins).
Cut thickly, brush with olive oil and BBQ until tender crisp.
Freshly cut fennel should be wrapped in damp kitchen paper and stored in the fridge. It will last for up to five days. Fennel tends to discolour as soon as it’s cut, so dress raw fennel for salads straight away, or toss in a little lemon juice to prevent it browning. 

Quick ways with fennel

  • Sauté a thinly sliced fennel bulb, red capsicum and onion. Cook some gnocchi according to packet directions and combine with fennel mixture, a splash of extra virgin olive oil, chopped parsley and grated parmesan. If desired, add slices of cooked chorizo.
  • In a large bowl, combine chopped lettuce with a thinly sliced fennel bulb, 1/2 sliced red onion, a handful of trimmed snow peas, 2 segmented mandarins or 1 segmented grapefruit and a handful of chopped walnuts or almonds. Make a quick dressing from 2 tablespoons each extra virgin olive oil and orange juice, and drizzle over salad.
  • Use fennel instead of cabbage in coleslaw. Thinly slice 3 fennel bulbs. Toss with 1 thinly sliced onion, 1 grated carrot, a handful of sultanas, 1/2 cup extra light sour cream, 1 teaspoon Dijon mustard and 1/4 cup lemon juice until just combined. Sprinkle chopped fennel fronds over coleslaw before serving.
  • Try  adding sautéed fennel bulb as a finishing touch to a pizza base topped with tomato & basil pasta sauce and mozzarella. Sprinkle with dried oregano and chopped olives. Bake for 10 minutes, until cheese melts.


Pork with Blood Orange Glaze, Fennel & Blood Orange Salad
Haloumi with Fennel, Orange and Kalamata Olives Salad
Fennel, Feta & Pomegranate Salad

Things to read, share and experience

Oysters for one at Lola’s Level 1, Bondi  Photo Sydney Morning Herald: Nikki To

– READ –
Christina Pfeiffer explains that ” Tea, cider, British beer and Scotch whisky are only a few British drinks with intriguing histories. The traditional drinks of Britain played a part in the customs and lifestyles adopted across the Commonwealth and the United States. In 20 British Drinks she explains them. 
Gambero Rosso Weekly have published a story Food and film. Goodfellas, dinner in prison and Mama Scorsese’s pasta sauce. They share  a recipe, found in the end credits of the documentary: the ingredients and procedure of Scorsese’s mother, to create a faithful reproduction of the dinner enjoyed in prison: Goodfellas pasta sauce 
Thanks to Feather and Bone for sharing Farmers Footprint Australia where we meet some inspiring Australians at the forefront of the regenerative farming movement.
Good Food reveals Seven of Sydney’s Best Restaurants for Solo Diners 

Let’s hear it if Andrew McConnell and his restaurant Gimlet for making it onto the global stage  World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2022: Melbourne’s Gimlet makes it onto Top 100 Longlist
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10 of Melbourne’s Best Restaurants for Solo Diners
Thanks to The Cru Cultured for drawing our attention to Opinionated About Dining in Fine Dining Lovers naming their 100 best restaurants in Europe

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