LM with Tobie Puttock

When friends unexpectedly drop by and stay for dinner, what do you tend to cook on unplanned entertaining occasions such as this?
We’ll I’m really not a fan of the drop by and stay for dinner. When friends come by I really like to make an effort and it always starts with a trip to Prahran market, then often a full day of cooking.

What are some of your favourite recipe from your e-books, on Pasta, Old School Desserts and Vegetarian meals?
Well of course I love them all, I wrote them. If I had to choose my favourite from Pasta it would probably be the amatriciana. From Dessert I would have to say the tarte tartin or the carrot cake, that carrot cake’s insanely good and finally from the Vegetarian, hmmm let’s go with the grain salad.

Some of your fans may not realise you are a baker. What’s your favourite thing to bake?
I love baking, my favourite thing to bake is bread like focaccia and also various sourdoughs.

What’s your favourite Friday night meal and where will you eat it – home or going out?
Georgia and I love going out to eat, we normally go to fairly low key places. I like going to miss-chu. It’s right near my house and the food is clean and simple. I also like Pacific House and I recently went to Kong, that place is awesome.

For a romantic night in or out, what’s on the menu?
We try and get out and about on lots of date nights. We went to a really cool place in Melbourne called Mr Miyagi, they served sushi and all sorts of delicious braised and smoked dishes. That along with some Japanese whiskey made for a great night.

What’s your secret indulgence food?
It’s no secret, it’s chocolate. I eat it like toast.

What food couldn’t you live without?
Salt, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Chocolate and Georgia.

What’s your favourite health food?
Define health food, haha only joking. Sashimi hands down.

Where do you like to shop?
I live right near Prahran market and go there 4-5 times a week and Essential Ingredient is right next door.

If you could have five foods on a desert island, what would they be?
Chocolate, porchetta, spaghetti aglio olio, my own smoked bacon and my new food range coming out shortly.

If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Spaghetti aglio olio.

What’s your greatest baking success?
You, Lyndey Milan x

What’s your greatest baking flop?
Splitting a lemon tart on my first week at the river cafe. Hey, it was the 90’s!

What’s the most memorable meal you’ve ever eaten?
I have two. The first was at Petrelle in Paris, not the best food but an amazing experience overall. I ate at Sweetings in London and that was also memorable, but Morimoto in Hawaii was for sure some of the best food I have ever eaten.

What food would you quite happily never eat again?
Squid! I’m allergic.

What’s one ingredient you always have in your pantry?
Extra Virgin Olive Oil, pasta, anchovies and parmesan

What advice do you have for a novice baker?
Be patient.

Tobie is a featured guest of Lyndey’s latest series, Lyndey Milan’s Baking Secrets! Catch Lyndey and Tobie baking up a storm on episode 6 of Baking Secrets, “Lazy Baking”, which will premiere on Foxtel’s Lifestyle Food Channel on Monday 18th August at 8.30pm!