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The view we see when we come to the door. Staff come and put a paper bag or box with food on it on the cloth on top of a metal tray, knock on the door and leave before you get to the door

I day of ups and downs which is why I am so late writing this. I posted my second Isolation diary on Instagram and Facebook yesterday and published my first written Isolation Diary. This is the second.
I have mostly had massive positive feed back, one thought-out negative which I equally appreciate but some awful ill-informed trolling on social media which has got me to think deeply about whether I continue.
Thing is, we totally accept the decision for this confinement. Sure it is because of the Ruby Princess passengers going all over with no testing or tracking and the fact that others supposed to be in self-isolation are not doing the right thing. The government needs to make a stand which we accept. But if they are being charged $90 a day for what we get, then they are being robbed.
So, I can’t be defeated by people who hide behind social media and don’t inform themselves of the facts. So with the encouragement of others, I continue and here is my post from today on Instagram and Facebook a couple of hours ago. 

Breakfast – stale slice of gluten-free bread, jam, butter, muffin with gluten, yoghurt, water

A Day of Ups and Downs

Breakfast wasn’t great but I had a lot to do so got on with a day of work online, including writing yesterday’s Isolation Diary.

We were interrupted by an announcement over the intercom admonishing any smokers and warning of fines. Now I am a committed non-smoker but I felt for them not being able to smoke and was somewhat taken aback. I think what gets me is that this was the first group communication we had. It is the lack of information which is distressing, especially to some of the older people. We are able to have a brief chat across the hallway when collecting our meals, without stepping out. There is an elderly couple from Tasmania nearby and they have even run out of teabags so I suggested they rang down for them. “I didn’t know we could” she said.
This is part of what galvanised me into action – could I speak up on their, and others, behalf? I was able to explain to another man from Melbourne that it is not the Hilton doing the awful food, but Gate Gourmet which supply airlines.
We also received a letter under the door from Hilton Management explaining some things and that they were going to reinstate limited room service. Good news. 

We got on with it.


In the early evening a Skype with friends then a Board meeting. Our business is also massively cut-back and suffering in this climate and our focus is on restructuring and trimming the sails to keep going and keep everyone employed. It is my partner’s entire focus and working at this all remotely in multiple time zones is another challenge.

By 8:00 pm we were wondering about dinner. It had come at 6:20 pm the night before. At 8:30 pm I got through to reception to be told it was still coming “but you can always order Uber Eats”.  I felt it was too late. 9:30 pm and there were people at the doors of their rooms and finally it came. Mine was 2 small boxes of gluggy fried rice with cold, hard deep-fried tofu on top. This was the lowest point of the day so some of us posted on social media to highlight the problem.

If only we could talk to someone and know what is going on? We realise it  is challenging for all but please can’t we know? I said to the young lady on the phone – just make an announcement that dinner is late but happening. Everyone has flown long distances, some not knowing what awaited them, and are suffering jet lag and erratic sleep patterns. I worry about people becoming depressed, especially if alone. Lack of fresh air doesn’t help, nor does confusion about whether air-conditioning should be on (does it spread germs?) or off which encourages lethargy and headaches? Has anyone here got Corona Virus? Might we get tested? What are the ramifications? How do we stay as healthy and positive as possible?


This is not good – exercise is a must

We fell into bed exhausted. I know the lack of exercise was not good. I resolve like Polyanna that tomorrow is another day – and am determined to exercise and ensure I achieve three main tasks per day. I also reflect on the kindness of so many – messages of encouragement and offers of help. Thank you one and all.

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