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We started to exercise yesterday – getting ideas from my laptop and wearing make-do gym gear




Another day of ups and downs but I think that is going to be how it is.  So best to accept that and just get on with it. I have had so many lovely emails from you all. Kindness is always important, but never more so than when in a situation like this.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.




A wonderful start to the day – this letter under the door – not sure who from as no letterhead or signature but good news




We had a broken night and woke up early, which is pretty usual with jet lag – but all the better to start the day early and clear the emails etc.

Best of all, we found this letter under the door. The Hilton had heeded our comments and changed the food service provider. Thank you again. However, I wasn’t sure who the letter was from with no letterhead and no signature but it contained great news and best of all some information and explanation. Thank you for explaining.
Along with it a letter from Hilton management from late the night before,  that it would be possible to get deliveries from Woolworths online, along with the limited beverage offering from room service. More good news. Especially for people from interstate.








A healthy, balanced breakfast was delivered and we started the day on a high note. However, this was quickly followed by another note from the General Manager of the hotel to say that since his advice about external food, the government had ruled that these were no longer allowed for delivery. Care packages would still be allowed but must be delivered directly to the hotel by family or close personal friend. Oh no, what about those from interstate?
Clearly the hotel is doing all it can but with different government agencies involved there is sometimes conflicting information. Also different hotels seem to make different rulings.I spent most of the morning writing an

article for delicious online on forced quarantine. It was great to be working and have a deadline – like the real world.




Lunch: gluten-free sandwich with chicken mayo, pumpkin & spinach salad, banana, slice and water




Lunch was a joy and I am so touched by the thoughtfulness of friends sending messages and things to cheer me.

The afternoon was tough as this was when the trolling started – amazing it is done during the working day rather than at night? Why aren’t these people working?
So I was in torment about whether or not I had done the right thing speaking out, beating myself up, and thinking to I stop or continue? Finally I decided I must not be defeated by people who hide behind their online anonymity, don’t read what I write and say and don’t know me. Trying to learn that lesson. Slowly.
So I recorded my Isolation Video Diary Day 3.

Then I thought it more productive to concentrate on something else. I am honoured to be a judge in the annual Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year competition.  We were to have had a judges dinner with final judging in London last week, but, of course, this was moved to online. So I finalised my judging. Do follow the link to see the fantastic standard of category winners which have already been announced.

All this time John is on conference calls. He doesn’t stop and is remarkable. He is at his happiest working and is using his creative, inventive mind to restructure our business. We try to replicate a normal working day as much as possible and each keep to our own “work space”  and try to eat together away from the computer rather than at the desk, working. I think it is important to keep up some social habits – not to mention manners.

Just I was going into a 3 hour online meeting at 5.30pm I received a phone call which cheered me up immensely. Sydney Markets which promotes shopping at your local greengrocer wanted to send me some fruit and a punnet of strawberries to every room in the hotel! I was blown away. It made it all worthwhile to think every room would benefit and validated my speaking out.




Dinner – with salad and fruit!








By now we have decided not to watch TV, except perhaps for a movie at night if we can get one. The constant barrage of COVID-19 information and often sensationalist beat-up is getting us down.
Similarly I am deleting most of the news service emails which bombard my inbox – along with the jokes. We need to clear our brains and do something constructive.
Luckily I tore out of the paper in the UK some indoor exercise regimes to do without equipment. I donned what could work as gym gear and took up my role of trainer with John with relish. Amazing how much better you feel after some exercise. We are committed to doing some every day.




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