Lyndey Milan with Brilliant Cut Knife low res


For the first time in her 25 year career in the food industry, Lyndey has put her name to a product. She tested this knife for over 12 months and has worked with the Forever Knives’ developers and designers to create the only knife you’ll ever need.

I tested this knife for over 12 months and am very proud to put my name to it.  I love using it for everything – it doesn’t let me down, staying sharp much longer than my steel knives – and that’s because it contains diamonds – something every girl loves!

Tell me about the knife?
The blade will stay sharp up to 45 times longer than steel knives
The blade technology is a world-first with an alloy that combines diamonds, silver, ceramic and titanium

DIAMONDS a world first for incredible performance and durability
SILVER with unique anti-bacterial properties for good health
CERAMIC for sharpness and holding the cutting edge for a very long time
TITANIUM is corrosion resistant, flexible and lightweight to reduce fatigue

It is comfortable, lightweight and perfectly balanced
It is dishwasher safe
The blade is sharp, durable and flexible and able to tackle all kitchen jobs such as slicing, chopping, shredding and dicing with ease and precision
World leading testing organisation, CATRA (UK) have confirmed that this revolutionary alloy blade, hand-finished by a master Japanese craftsman, will holds its edge up to 45 times longer than steel

How much is it?
$249 inc GST including sharpener

Where can I buy it?
Click here to order

What are people saying?

  • Cheryl from Brisbane: I just love my knife, makes chopping a joy, which makes cooking such a breeze!!
  • Lorraine from Jamberoo: .. just got the knife and I totally love it. So light and so amazingly sharp and flexible
  • Gary from Melbourne: This is the sharpest knife I’ve ever used
  • Jo Anne from Sydney: I’ve been meaning to write and say how much I’m enjoying using your Brilliant Cut Knife. It came almost immediately after I put my order in and I’ve used it every day since! At first I wasn’t sure …it seemed light when I held it – but its sharpness won me over. And now it’s the knife I reach for nearly every time. Love that it slices meat (both raw and cooked) so easily and finely when I need it to. Love that just slides through vegies from cabbage to tomatoes, to herbs! Love that I can put it on the dishwasher too!

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Sharpening the Brilliant Cut Knife
Rag pasta with tomatoes and basil
Pork larb
Tuna tataki
Pineapple carpaccio