Photos – 2019 Potato Festival Art Show

Eighty-two talented artists exhibited work in the Potato Festival Art Showat the Denison Street gallery.

Lyndey Milan OAM officiated the opening of the exhibition hosted at the Crookwell District Art Gallery.

Ms Milan is a regional Australia specialist and prior to her culinary career worked in the arts.

She completed a University double major in fine arts and history and spent time as a school teacher.

In front of a crowd of around 60 people, the 2019 Australia Day ambassador said, “It’s lovely to be back.”

Ms Milan said that she had turned an invitation to the Archibald because of her commitment to the gallery.

She said she admired the dedication of artists.

“I really admire artists, because it can be a very solitary thing to do… You have to be so committed and you have to exclude other things to do your work.

“I’ve moved from art into food and there are a lot of similarities… (although), with food it’s more convivial.”

Ten artworks were sold by the end of the opening night. There were five which sold within the first half an hour of the show opening.

More than 210 visitors visited the gallery, committee member Ann Goodman said.

“We are delighted to exhibit so many talented local and regional artists.”

Artists exhibited oil, acrylic, pastel, and watercolour paintings. Linocut and scraperboard (a form of engraving), rusted wire work, and sculptures created from farm implements and a bronze horse head.

Published by: Crookwell Gazette, 14 May 2019