Project Description

Written in collaboration with friend and herb and spice guru, Ian Herbie Hemphill this book was released in March 2010.

Lyndey and Herbie speak the same language — they use the same descriptors for spice as for wine. Pepperiness in cool–climate shiraz, yet to Herbie’s ear this was all about spice. Just Add Spice features 100 recipes that show the home cook how to spice up simple dishes using enticing herbs and spices.

People are often unsure about using spices, imagining that ’spice’ means ’hot’, Lyndey and Herbie explain that this is not the case, showing how herbs and spices can bring the simplest of recipes to life. Simple dishes like a spicy pumpkin soup or slow cooked chicken with juniper, adding freshness and depth of flavour. They’ve also shown how this can be applied to dessert, from ginger and star anise crème brulee to lemon grass poached pears.

Lyndey and Herbie have the same no nonsense approach to cooking – maximum depth of flavour, taste and freshness. This philosophy drives the whole book. As a bonus, there are a lot of side–ways ideas, tips and tricks.

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