Project Description

Join much-loved food and wine personality, Lyndey Milan as she tastes her way across the Emerald Isle, enjoying fabulous recipes, majestic landscapes and intriguing culture.

Contrary to the popular stereotype, Lyndey shows that there is more to Irish food than the potato, as she unearths a bounty of fabulous local produce, new and traditional recipes. Although food plays a pivotal role in Lyndey’s adventure it is the locals who illuminate the series, sweeping her through cobbled streets and rolling pastures to discover Ireland’s best kept secrets.

On the journey Lyndey meets with those at the forefront of Irish cuisine including Darina and Rachel Allen, Paul Flynn, “Chef of the Year” Mickael Viljanen, Martin Shanahan, Donal Skehan and Andy Rae.

Over eight episodes, Lyndey explores the counties of Ireland and their idiosyncratic traditions and recipes and in the last episode brings new ideas home. Expect festivals, farmers’ markets, fishing, ‘slow food’, history and fun throughout this gastronomic tour of Ireland.

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