Culinary journey: Celebrity chef Lyndey Milan OAM will be coming to Dubbo as Australia Day Ambassador on January 26. PHOTO: CONTRIBUTED

The self-professed “food person” will be heading to Dubbo for her favourite day of the year, for which she will be Ambassador for the local celebrations on January 26.

This is Ms Milan’s 19th consecutive year of being an Australia Day Ambassador for the regions and she said it was an opportunity for her to give back to the nation that had given her so much.

“I always ask for the regions because I’m a food person. If we don’t have farmers and producers growing and making things then I don’t have a job,” Ms Milan said.

“It’s really important to acknowledge where our food and produce comes from. I’m also a fierce ‘buy Australian’ – I’ll ask in restaurants if it’s made here.”

Through her Ambassador work, Ms Milan hopes to find out more about Dubbo, its wines and produce.

This will be her first time representing the region on Australia Day, and she is looking forward to finding out what makes it tick.

“I’m bringing myself to you to talk about my experiences and what Australia Day means for me. But it’s also what you take away,” Ms Milan said.

“What makes a place unique is the people who live there and what they do with it – the community attitudes, community pride, and what they do with their produce.

“I want to come away knowing so much more about your region than I did before, then I can become your ambassador going forward. I like to connect people.”



Ms Milan is an Order of Australia medal recipient who has been involved in cooking shows for more than 30 years, and has released nine best-selling cookbooks.

She is a Councillor with the Royal Agricultural Society of NSW and was responsible for bringing the Fine Food movement to regional and city shows around the country.

She said her research for the Dubbo Australia Day Ambassador role would involve familiarising herself with Dubbo’s food and cultural identity, including the region’s medal-winning products from the Sydney Royal Wine, Dairy & Fine Food Shows.

In recent years, these included The Little Big Dairy Company and The Coffee Bean Roasting House.

Ms Milan has been reviewing restaurants since 1987 and is currently researching for her upcoming food tours of South Australia, Italy and Morroco.

Nearby Wellington’s Australia Day ambassador is 2020 NSW Young Australia of the Year Corey Tutt.

The ambassadors volunteer their time and energy to contribute to local festivities, with communities encouraged to come together this Australia Day to ‘Reflect, Respect and Celebrate’ the Australian spirit and our diversity.