How to plan an epic staycation this summer

Our expectations around travel have experienced a seismic shift over the past year. As international borders – and even state ones – have closed, many people have looked for ways to holiday closer to home.

Not surprisingly, staycations – where you stay at home and explore all the delights of your local area that you may not usually have time to appreciate – are seeing a renaissance.

The benefits of holidaying at home

The first benefit of a staycation is that there is no need to book accommodation! You can simply plan all your activities from your home base. Pulling together an itinerary that includes several day trips allows you to see places within your region that you might not otherwise get the chance to experience. You may even discover a new favourite local gallery, cafe, walking trail or swimming spot when you start to view your home as a destination in its own right.

The great outdoors

For your staycation to give you the replenishment you need, it’s important that you give yourself the space to do some exploring in nature. There is a growing body of evidence to suggest that spending time in nature is good for mental wellbeing. Especially if you have kids, a staycation is a good time to ditch the screens and enjoy some time outside!

However, bushwalks, outdoor swims and simply spending time enjoying the natural environment is often something we don’t prioritise when we are under the pump. With the extra time and slower pace that a staycation allows, it can be the most rejuvenating thing of all. Visiting a national park, local nature reserve or nearby beach or river are easy – and free! – ways to begin reconnecting with the great outdoors on your staycation.

Lyndey Milan staycation tipsLyndey Milan shares five staycation tips

Lyndey Milan shares her top 5 tips for planning an epic staycation this summer

Lyndey Milan, OAM, Australian media personality and avid foodie and travellers says, “with overseas borders, and even many within Australia, closed, now is the time for a staycation. Like anything, planning will ensure you have the very best staycation you can.”

Most staycations are more affordable than usual holidays so treat yourself to something special. Those things you love to do, but don’t usually have time for, or something you’ve never tried but always wanted to. And remember – no housework is allowed on holiday – so book a cleaner to come in after your staycation.

Here’s some ideas to get you started

1. Have a ‘fine dining’ meal at home. Buy yourself something out of the ordinary – a lobster, some wagyu beef or a truffle and a special bottle of champagne or wine and indulge. Make a different cocktail every night. Play your favourite music. Or enroll for a zoom class with a chef where you can have the ingredients delivered and cook along. You may prefer picking up a picnic hamper and going somewhere picturesque. Or travel the world with your tastebuds and try a different cuisine every night.
2. Choose roads less travelled. Pick a destination, or blind-folded put a pin in a map and hit the road, visiting towns now cut off by highway upgrades. Buy yourself a souvenir wherever you go, something to remind you of the trip and to support local businesses. While you’re there visit any local national parks or lookouts for the best photo opportunities.
3. Have an “at home” film festival. Select a ‘destination theme’ movie and have appropriate home-delivered food and drinks from where the film is set. Invite a couple of friends over and dress the part for each movie.
4. Book a spa treatment at home. There are plenty of people offering massages but you can also have a his and hers massage, facial, manicure, pedicure – whatever it is you would usually enjoy on holidays. Buy a fluffy white robe to wear and fill your bathroom with lovely soap, candles and other toiletries to create the day spa experience.
5. Try camping or glamping. For your staycation to give you the replenishment you need, give yourself the space to do some exploring in nature. Pitch a tent in your backyard – exciting for young children (and convenient for you!) – or head somewhere further afield and enjoy the novelty of sleeping bags, nighttime wildlife spotting and simple, unfussy food which transports easily and is fun to eat.

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Written by: Lyndey Milan
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: Australian Macadamias, 14 January 2021